Why Use Baseball Pitching Machines & Softball Pitching Machines?

Now you may think that someone must be crazy to even ask the question of why one would use a baseball pitching machine or a softball pitching machine but they do.

In today’s world of competitiveness and scientific approaches to sports training nothing is left to chance to enhance an athlete’s ability. Now how does a pitching machine play into the mix? How about consistency of a certain skill set like just hitting a baseball at 80 mph over and over and over again. You can wear out a pitcher trying to just train one ball player let alone the whole team. So it would be obvious that a baseball pitching machine could be extremely beneficial to a coach of a team and right down to personal use training. A pitching machine can do a lot more than just pitch baseballs and softballs. Pitching machines can throw fielders, grounders, high fly balls, curveballs and so much more.  Just think of all the routines a coach can run with the whole team with just one pitching machine.

There are a lot of great pitching machines and 2 that come to mind are Jugs pitching machines and FirstPitch pitching machines. Jugs has been around for a long time and they are known for their great quality. A lot of schools, colleges, pro baseball teams as well as pro softball teams nation wide use Jugs pitching machines. FirstPitch pitching machines are coming on strong though and there is a lot of talk that FirstPitch is going to give Jugs a good run for its money. FirstPitch is manufactured in a small Minnesota town called Greenfield by a down to earth baseball lover Steve Van Oss, owner of good size machine shop. Being a Dad and a coach he realized the importance of pitching machines for the kids to develop their skills. unfortunately the schools and teams in his area just could not afford the expensive pitching machines. So Steve, being an engineer, designed his own pitching machines for his son’s team and then for the locals schools. Steve’s baseball pitching machines were a home run. Steve decided to continue making the pitching machines and called the company FirstPitch Pitching Machines. The rest is history, Steve created a pitching machine just as good as the best on the market but at a much more affordable price so more schools and teams could afford them.  Steve now has 4 styles of pitching machines to meet any coaches demands. And this fall Steve stated he was coming out  with his first Football Passing Machine that would make even Brett Favre blush at the distance it can throw passes.

So when someone wonders if a pitching machine is really necessary it’s ok to look at them crossed eyed and ask them what planet are they from. Personally I like the new Curveball Pitching Machines. Both Jugs and FirstPitch have excellent curveball machines that will truly test your players and sharpen their hitting abilities.

One thing I neglected to mention is that all of FirstPitch’s pitching machines can be converted from a Baseball Pitching Machine to a Softball Pitching Machine and converted back again with in minutes. Now any school , college and organizations and teams would love to have a baseball pitching machine and a softball pitching machine for the price of one. I know I would and I do.

If you are in the market for either a Baseball Pitching Machine or a Softball Pitching Machine I suggest you take at look at both Jugs pitching machines and FirstPitch pitching machines.

As always any questions just ask.


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